6 v 6.
Search & Destroy
16 round matches, 8 rounds on each side, switch every 4 rounds. (5 min break allowed at halftime.
5 min rounds.
Home team will host the room and gets choice of side start at the beginning of the match.
All matches will take place at 10:30pm est. every Monday & Thursday nights. Matches can be rescheduled if both teams can agree to a different time, but you must notify the other clan 24hrs prior to the upcoming match to avoid penalty. If you contact the other clan at least 24 hrs before the match, you can reschedule without penalty.

Matches should begin no more than 15 mins past the start time. Please have the room up and ready between 10:15pm est. and 10:25pm est.
If a clan cannot field a team by 11:00pm est., they must reschedule with penalty. Please contact Rator about any of these instances asap.
Home team should host the room unless they cannot find a suitable host in which case, the away team should find a suitable host. Your priority should be a high-speed room and not who gets to host as there is no host advantage.
If it is found that the room has been created incorrectly, the team that is NOT hosting can request to replay the entire match, or to just replay from the round when the mistake was noticed.
Rooms will go to the lobby after 8 rounds for a 5 min break unless both teams agree to play on. Players can be swapped in/out at the half, both teams should also verify scores. Teams do not have to switch sides since the mode is set to switch every 4 rounds.

Both teams must report immediately after each match.
Select the match you are reporting for, your clan, the enemy clan, then input your wins and losses numerically without spaces.
You must report within 24hrs of match completion. If one clan has not reported within 24hrs, we will update the Standings based on the only report submitted. Please make sure both teams report asap to avoid league delays and/or incorrect totals.

Teams CANNOT forfeit any matches. If you are short and cannot play, you MUST reschedule with penalty. You cannot just give the other team wins. Any clans caught doing this will be promptly removed from the league.

Team rosters can contain up to 30 players and must be submitted prior to season start.
Rosters updates are now set to allow 2 additions/revisions per half-season.
It is each clan's responsibility to ensure that only players from their roster play in matches.
If a clan fields a player that is not on their roster, that player must leave the room immediately. They can be replaced with a player that IS on the roster asap.
If a non-rostered player joins the room before the match has begun there is no penalty. They must leave the room but can be replaced with a player that IS on the roster.
If a non-rostered player participates in any round in a match, the opposing clan has the option to either let the round stand or replay it. If you choose to replay the round, the non-rostered player must leave and can be replaced before the round begins again. You have 5 minutes to replace the non-rostered player. If you cannot field a rostered player within 5 minutes, the round should begin and that team will have to play short. If that team finds a rostered player after the 5 min waiting period, they can join the next available round.
You may substitute players during a match however only during half-time. Please do not sub players at any other time. If you have a player drop and cannot reconnect to the room, you may have another rostered player join the room and play in the next available round.

Any misuse of the game to improve your or your clan’s situation or affect the outcome of a round or match, is cheating and or glitching, and will not be tolerated. Please use discretion when recording and reporting instances of cheating or glitching, and be sure to only submit serious infractions.
Some examples of glitching or cheating are; shooting though objects which cannot be shot through from the other side, breaking pixels to access areas of the map that should not be accessible, or to view areas that cannot normally be seen, or any other glitch-able areas or situations.
You are not to divulge any intel on enemy clans or players to other clans or players at any time or for any reason. Failure to comply can result in dismissal from the league itself or possible point deductions.
You are not permitted to purposely drop a weapon or kill someone to drop a weapon on top of the bomb or any other item pertinent to gameplay.
You are not permitted to download large files or have extraneous internet applications or activity during matches.
You are not permitted to use lag switches or turbo/modded controllers. SCUF Controllers are legal, however any controllers that are programmable are illegal.
You are not permitted to field more than 1 player per household/internet connection.(unless cleared with opposing team first)
You are not permitted to purposely lag in any way.
Any misconduct in or out of the league will not be tolerated. Please do not abuse the league in any way or you will be subject to review and possible removal.

The Sea Snipers reserve the right to remove any clan at any time for any reason.

By participating in any season of the league, you agree to abide by all of the rules set forth above.

Whatever rounds you win, you won. Whatever rounds you lost you lost. These points carry over from week to week and tally up over the entire length of the season.
At the end of each half or match, tally up your wins and losses and verify them with the other team before proceeding or leaving the room, then report them on the report page asap.
If your wins and losses are tied at the end of the season with another clan for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place, we will look to your record vs the clan you are tied with to see who will advance or for seed. This means that if SS is tied with TG, we will look at the 2 matches we played vs each other to see who has the better record.

BE CAREFUL! If the mode is not correct, opposing team can ask to replay the entire match.

Round length: 5 mins
Score Limit: 8 points
Bomb timer: 45 sec

Plant time: 5 sec
Defuse time: 7.5 sec
Multibomb: disabled
Round switch: 4 rounds
Silent Plant: Enabled

Pre-Match Timer: 15 sec
Pre-Round Timer: 5 sec
Dynamic Events: Enabled
Map Scorestreaks: Disabled
Team Switching: Enabled
Spectating: Team Only
Spectating POV: First Person Only
KillCam: DIsabled
Mini-Map Radar: Normal
BattleChatter: Disabled
Announcer: Enabled

Respawn Delay: None
Force Respawn: Enabled
Wave Spawn Delay: None
Suicide Penalty: None
Team Kill Penalty: 20 sec (this setting is locked for some reason)

Harcore Mode: Disabled
Health: 30%
Health Regeneration: None
Friendly Fire: Reflect
Number of Lives: 1 Life
TK Kick Kimit: Unlimited
Headshots Only: Disabled
Explosive Delay: 10 sec
Scorestreak Delay: 10 sec

Custom Classes: Yes
Selections Allowed: 13

Primary Weapons: AE4, NA-45, Heavy Shiled, MDL
Attachments: Underbarrel grenade launcher, Unique Attachments: Fast Plant, Shock Plant
EXO Launcher: Tracking Drone, Threat Grenade, Variable Grenade, Explosive Drone, Spike Drone
EXO Ability: Cloak, Ping
Scorestreaks: all off
Perks: Scavenger
Wildcards: Bombardier

If a player is booted during a round, play on. That player can rejoin at anytime. Just be sure to NOT over roster in the middle of a match. Make sure the room is set to INVITE ONLY.
If someone joins off of someones friends list during a match, they must be immediately removed from the room. If the round proceeds it will not count as the room was made incorrectly unless the non-hosting team agrees to let it stand.
If a player rejoins the game, they must join their respective side immediately upon joining the room. If they do not join their side within 30 seconds of joining the room, the round which they joined during can be replayed if the other team so requests.
Each clan must field 5 players for a match to take place. If a clan can ONLY field 4 players, they must reschedule the match with a penalty of -2 wins (not minus 2 losses as well).
If a team comes up short DURING a match and cannot play a quarter or half with 6 but can play with 5, they can choose to continue on OR rechedule the entire half with a -1 point penalty. You must play the rescheduled match before the next set of matches. Both teams should make a concerted effort to be available to play it. If the rescheduling clan cannot make the rescheduled match and the clan that DID show up was available, the rescheduling clan may be dropped from the league. Please report your rescheduled scores to include the penalty points. Rescheduled match format is exactly the same as any regular match. If a clan scores "0", we will deduct -2 points from their overall league total.
You cannot play with 4 players. You must reschedule at least 24hrs before a match to avoid a penalty.
Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to shooting dead bodies, tea-bagging, smack talk or racial slurs, cursing or taunting, defuse spinning, etc. Remember that you represent S.E.A.L. and your clan in public and at all times. If players are found to be engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct in OR outside of the league, you will get a warning. If it continues or another incident occurs, we will reevaluate your position in the league. Any instances of unsportsmanlike conduct should only be reported to Rator at
If you think another player or clan is cheating or glitching or misusing the game in any way, please record video of the incident and send it to Any misconduct should be reported to Rator asap. Please do NOT contact the other clan about the situation.
If you cannot provide video, you can submit a formal report via email to detailing the incident. Please be specific, and available to possibly show the staff what you are talking about in-game.
If a complaint is found to be a glitch whether it be reported via email or video, we will warn all clans about the spot as well as the clan that performed the glitch willingly or not. We must have video evidence to take serious measures. Your first instance will be a warning, your second will be a warning and the removal of 1 point from the match in question, and your third instance of glitching or cheating that has been proven by video will get you removed from the league. If a player has been found to be cheating in any way on purpose, regardless of whether it's their first instance or not, they will be banned from league play, and their clan may be subject to removal from the league. The Sea Snipers reserve the right to remove any clan at any time for any reason.
If a clan is short but can field a 5th player that happens to share a connection, they can ask the opposing team if it is ok to field them as long as lag is not an issue. This is ONLY if the clan is short, ONLY if there is no lag present between the 2 players, or ONLY if the opposing clan approves.
If Xbox Live goes down during a match, the last completed round will count and you should resume the match when it comes back online. If XBL goes down during a round, that round will NOT count and will be replayed as soon as XBL comes back online. If XBL is experiencing issues such as loss of communications, teams should make every effort to contact each other asap and reschedule the round/match. If your XBL Party goes down, do NOT end the round in the middle of it. Contunie on with Game Chat or if the match just started, kill it and restart it. If you are not the host and are experiencing a party failure, you should have your team immediately leave the match room at the start of the next round. If this is found to be misused, the clan in question may be subject to removal from the league.
If during the playoffs, clans are tied after the scheduled number of rounds, you will play another round to determine the winner. The home team will get choice of side start for this final tie-breaker round.

The top 4 clans will advance to the Semi-Finals. 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3. The winners of those 2 matches play each other in a best of 3 match final series. Finals are 3 matches on one map on three different nights.
The teams in 5th and 6th will compete in the "Best of the Rest" playoff series.