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Sea Snipers leave Socom & launch S.E.A.L.

Well, after more than 4 years of dedication and intense battles, the Sea Snipers are leaving Socom and moving to Rainbow Six Vegas on the Xbox 360.

I know a lot of you guys thought we were working on the new Socom for the past 4 months, but we weren't. We were researching, testing, and training on RB6: Vegas. We may be asked to do the new Socom strat guide in which case we would play it as much as we needed to to author the guide, but we will not be competing in Socom.

We're finished with our tour of duty on Socom right now, it just lacks what we want. Socom/Sony/Zipper had given us a couple of really good games in Socom 1 and 2, but ever since 3 came out, they started giving the community things we didn't want, not giving us things we asked for, and removing things we liked. Where's that map pack? Why did we have to buy a $100 HDD? I won't get into details since most of you probably already know them. Suffice to say, after all we've done, we're moving.

We had a good run and some good fun in Socom, wrote and illustrated the last 2 strat guides, illustrated all but a few of the S2 maps, did the whole TWB thing, and hopefully helped some people along the way. We had some great times with Socom and especially all of you guys/gals that have supported us and fought alongside or against us for the past 4+ years. I never imagined the amount of support and feedback we received from all of you over the years for everything. It's really just been amazing and we want to thank all of you. We're going to miss killing all of you guys/gals. We're not really going anywhere, we're just going to continue our tour of duty in RB6: Vegas on the 360.

Vegas has great hit detection, blood, awesome graphics and sound, customizable weapons/faces/uniforms/gear etc., 15 great maps, and the developers are active on the forums. They actually have their own forums. They have patched the game 3 times in about 3-4 months and released a downloadable map pack that included 5 maps and 2 new modes. They actually patched things that were broken with the game! Things that the community posted about on their boards, they listened and patched it. sarcasm BTW, you guys get that map pack for CA yet? /sarcasm

If anyone has any questions about Vegas or the 360 feel free to ask away.

As some of you know, we have been running an underground league called the S.E.A.L. for the past 4 years. Started in 2003, the S.E.A.L. (Sea Snipers Elite Anti-Bomb League) has been a great success, and fielded some of the best clans in the business. We are migrating the S.E.A.L. to the 360 and RB6: Vegas and welcome all of you to join us http://www.seasnipers.net/SEAL . We have revised the name to Sea Snipers Evade & Assault League as well. For those clans that have participated and won S.E.A.L. in the past, please feel free to now proudly display your trophies on your websites (click the Trophy Room link on the new site to grab your trophies if you lost them). The Sea Snipers would also like to thank all of the previous S.E.A.L. clans for maintaining comm silence about the league over the past 4 years, very cool.

As we open up the S.E.A.L. to the public and the 360/Vegas community, we will be scrimmaging new applicants over the next couple of months and encourage everyone to look us up and seriously think about joining us in S.E.A.L.. We would love to see you guys make the jump and join us. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me, rator@seasnipers.net

Thanks again to everyone for all your support over the years.

[SS]Rator and the Sea Snipers

I'm gonna ask you questions, and every time you don't give me answers, I'm gonna cut something off. And I promise you...
they will be things you will miss!
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