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Your Brain on Video Games - TV Show Review / Summary

So I just watched the show On Demand and these are the points they made:
  1. People over the age of 35 make up over 50% of all gamers
  2. According to several studies, people who play violent video games (including CoD) are 4 - 9% more aggressive than those that don't, on average
  3. People in a study who played the violent game were less violent than those playing non-violent games - meaning people become less sensitized to real violence than anyone else.
  4. 5% of all games made are violent in nature. 95% are family friendly.
  5. Sporting events also create aggressiveness in people so video games don't necessarily create aggression in people. Sometimes people are just the aggressive type.
  6. Gamers aggression comes mostly from frustration. (No shit!)
Aggression in video gamers isn't necessarily a bad thing. Because the 2 decades prior to 2013 there has been an 83% decrease in violence in the country. One theory is that if people are playing games inside then they have less time outside to commit violence. So aggression doesn't necessarily lead to violent behavior. And aggressive video game players aren't the ones committing the crimes.

They did a brain scan of some people playing violent games and found that the emotion center of the brain was working, and the area that regulates your emotions were active. Which means the gamers were trying to suppress their feelings.

So here are some benefits:
  1. Video game addiction is not as common as people think it is
  2. Play is fundamental to who we are as a people
  3. Schools are using video games to teach kids
  4. Surgeons are using video games to practice difficult surgeries
  5. There is a WII U game called underground that train surgeons to do laparoscopic surgery.
  6. They did a study with navigation using mario 64. They found the people who played that game, 3 areas of the brain actually grew.
  7. Old people used games to improved their multitasking so much they were better at it than 20 year old kids. (I always knew this)
We all know video games are being used in a lot of areas. I didn't go on because you know most of them.

So, bottom line? Us old timers are dominating the gaming world! We win. Game over...

Holy crip it's a crapple!

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I'm gonna ask you questions, and every time you don't give me answers, I'm gonna cut something off. And I promise you...
they will be things you will miss!
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Originally Posted by [SS]Rator View Post

Holy crip it's a crapple!
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