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Icon12 Brady Games to release Official Modern Warfare 3 Strategy guide

From here:

Brady Games to release Official Modern Warfare 3 Strategy guide
October 6th, 2011 at 12:03 pm -

Brady Games has announced today that they will be releasing the official guide for Modern Warfare 3.
Whether it’s total coverage of the single-player campaign, expert tactical tips for all multiplayer levels, how to fully exploit enemy encounters and weapons, or exhaustive intel on nailing all Achievements and Trophies. Brady Games’ official strategy guide is sure to help you throughout your journey.
The latest chapter in the successful Call of Duty series thrusts players into an intense global turf war against the Russian Federation, and BradyGames’ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Signature Series and Limited Edition guides will be an essential item for casual gamers and completists, and is set to feature:
IN-DEPTH WALKTHROUGH provides complete coverage of every enemy encounter on every mission from start to finish.
COMPREHENSIVE ARSENAL shows players how to fully exploit EVERY WEAPON, ATTACHMENT, PERK, and more. DETAILED ANALYSIS reveals their strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to maximum effect.
EXCLUSIVE, HIGHLY DETAILED MAPS illustrate the levels and pinpoint mission-critical items and locations.
ACHIEVEMENT and TROPHY ROSTERS describe how to earn rewards and unlock special features and items.

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heh. I had to look at the link cause it looked like your quote was saying that they released the guide 2 days ago. LOL

Just in case that confuses anyone: The guide releases the same day as the game on Nov 8th.

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they make guides for games?
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Thanks for clearing that up MN. I was reading the title wrong at first.

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Sweet, now you can download it on STEAM...

Detailed Walkthrough: We take you step by step through all 16 Campaign missions, as well as all 16 Special Ops missions. We reveal the best way to survive each engagement and collect every last Enemy Intel!
Extensive Multiplayer Coverage: We provide everything you need to get the most from your multiplayer experience.
Maximize your lethality with expert analysis of every Perk, Weapon, Attachment, Pointstreak, Proficiency, and more!
Our Custom Class templates provide the perfect loadout for any scenario.
Match-winning tactics for every game mode, including team-based and solo play!
Exclusive MP and SP Maps: Our detailed Multiplayer and Single-Player maps depict every crucial area in the game, including the Campaign, Special Ops, and every MP level. We pinpoint mission objectives, Enemy Intel, spawn and capture points, and more!
Custom versions of each MP map reveal critical positions for each game mode!
A New Special Ops Experience: Modern Warfare® 3 ups the Special Ops ante on all fronts. From the unique set of co-op Special Ops Missions, to the gripping new Special Ops Survival mode in which you face wave after wave of progressively tougher foes, we provide match-winning tactics and maps for every mission and level.
Plus, we reveal new features, game modes, combat gear, and innovations throughout the game…and turn them to your advantage!
There’s More! Achievements and Trophies, Secrets and Unlockables, Challenges, Expert Combat Tactics, and much more!

"Give a man a beer, he'll waste an afternoon. But teach a man to brew, and he'll waste a lifetime!"

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