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015 Sea Snipers S3 maps & Official Socom 3 Guide!!!

Socom 3: Strategy Guide
Multiplayer Authors & Illustrators

Download PDF Guide
At the beginning of June 2005, the Sea Snipers were contracted by Piggyback Interactive to write the multiplayer section of the Socom 3 Official Guide. The multiplayer chapters represent 70 pages of the 200 page guide , which will be available in all stores on 10/11 with the game.

In addition to writing the multiplayer section of the guide, Generator Studios was contracted to illustrate all of the single and multiplayer maps! Yep, ALL the maps are DONE and they look even better than the Socom 1 & 2 maps.

This is the first time that we know of that a clan has ever been contracted to collaborate on an official guide in the history of gaming. My men and I worked night and day to compile the most complete, accurate and detailed multiplayer information on Socom 3 for you all. In addition, all of the maps are just as you like 'em. Illustrated in the same style as the original Socom 1 and 2 maps, they came out great!

Since all of the [SS] were included in the Beta cycle thanks to E-Seals, Piggyback and the [SS] were able to research, test, and compile tons of information. Everything from "Getting Started" which includes details on all of the games' options as well as screenshots and descriptions of everything you can do in the game, to "Tips & Tricks" that span beginner player tips to advanced veteran tricks and even weapon stats and charts, and "Strategies" which run the gamut from noob tips to advanced strategies for both terrorists and seals that can help you and your clan get more tactical.

We (the [SS]) have even divulged some of our inner workings and structure including how to create your own clan, recruit new members, run practices, matches and how to reward your members.

And yes, ALL the maps are in the guide. I know it used to take us 3 weeks to a month to complete just one map, but with all of the great information we were provided with from Piggyback, we were able to get them all done before the release of Socom 3. And not just the multiplayer maps, but the single player maps as well. All of the icons and details are in place, and Piggyback will be releasing downloadable PDF versions of some of the maps before the game even comes out.

We have put A LOT of work into this puppy. Thanks to all of the Sea Snipers that gave me some awesome information, we couldn't have done it without you. I must have received over 100 pages of information, strategies, tips, tricks and charts from these guys that I compiled and wrote the multiplayer section from (the final multiplayer section is 70 pages of a total of 200 in the finished guide). I did all of the maps in hi-res for Piggyback and they look fantastic! Finally you guys don't have to wait until Socom 4 comes out for me to finish the last maps for Socom 3! LOL!

I have to give a big THANK YOU to all my new friends at Piggyback for giving the Sea Snipers and Generator Studios the chance of a lifetime to work on the Socom 3 project. We've been wanting to do this since Socom 1!

So, now you all know why we've been so "busy" and unable to accept a lot of matches and scrimmages in the past month! We had a very tight deadline, but the write-up and the maps were scrutinized by all the parties involved and came back with great reviews. All in all, everyone is very happy with the final product. Thanks again to everyone that was involved with this project, it was an AWESOME opportunity for all of us to be a part of.

Don't forget to check the credits in the back of the guide to see your friendly Sea Snipers names in lights!


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