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015 COD Black Ops Multiplayer Map iPhone App

Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Map App
Authors & Illustrators

We created all of the content for this app that is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and BradyGames put it together for us. We created all of the maps, custom classes, intel, equipment and descriptions as well. Here's the description from the iTunes Store...

"BradyGames, the publishers of the official Black Ops strategy guide, will help you get the drop on your enemies with the first and only OFFICIAL Call of Duty: Black Ops app. With detailed interactive layouts of all 14 multiplayer maps—including overlays for every game mode—this invaluable resource will give you the edge whether you’re running Sabotage Mode in Grid or Search and Destroy in Summit. The maps, rendered by expert gaming guild Sea Snipers, feature customized icons and map keys so you know immediately where to find every bomb site, CTF flag, spawn point, and ladder. It also includes pop-up Points of Interest that cover the lowdown on sniping points, hot areas, and typical player routes. If you want to dominate in the Black Ops multiplayer arena, this is the app you can’t afford to be without!"


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