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When I mentioned the TWB people, I meant people who relied on it for tactical use.

I can't say that I wouldent have said yes. Money is a powerful tool, but until you can give me a date on which you will get the digital maps, you are a 'sell out' in my, and only my, mind. I would be absolutly SHOCKED if piggyback let you have the digital maps. Now, i'm no lamen; corperations will do everything they can do to squeeze money out of something. I'd say you'd get those maps online in about 10 months or more. I just downloaded the sample though, and I hope that the 'Storm Front' map that is shown is not the actual map. The one thats downloadable is as bad as the in-game ones that they whip out in a few minutes. I'm going to ASSUME that the maps you guys made are AWSOME like the ones in socom one and two.
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