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015 Sea Snipers Author & Illustrate COD WaW Guide

Call of Duty World at War: Strategy Guide
Multiplayer Authors & Illustrators

Download PDF Guide
Brady Games hired us to write and illustrate the entire multiplayer section of the Call of Duty World at War Signature Series Strategy Guide.

Here's a quote...

• A complete walkthrough, leading players through every mission.

• AREA MAPS: Detailed maps calling out items, weapons, critical locations, and more!

• WEAPON LISTING: In-depth listing of all weapons with expert tactics on how best to use them

• MULTIPLAYER COVERAGE: Extensive multiplayer coverage with strategies for solo and team-based gameplay

• UNLOCKABLES: All unlockables revealed!

• Signature Series guide features bonus foldout and more!

We did not have a lot of time to do this. Rougly 3-4 weeks tops. We had a lot of stumbling blocks along the way but we managed to compile over a hundred pages of content for the MP section including everything from weapons charts to map and mode tactics. We choreographed and shot all of the screenshots in the guide as well as detailed every weapon, perk, mode and map. The maps look great and are accurate down to the box and barrel. The guide should drop around the release of the game 11.11.08 so check it out.

Big thanks to Yetizai, Snakebite and Midnight for their tireless work on this project, and Wally, Shooter and Bassani for their help as well. We didn't get to go out to Treyarch to work on this one, but we did get to work on full versions of the game via de-bug units supplied by Brady. We had a lot of fun and put in a lot of hours, so if you haven't seen us around, that's what we've been up to. Brady Games had offered us the Socom Confrontation guide too, but we had to turn it down. The deadline for the Socom guide was just too tight. Sorry to all of our Socom friends.

Hope you all enjoy the guide and we will work on trying to put the maps public for everyone to use.


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