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  1. Sea SnipersŪ/ Operation Supply Drop, Support Spec-Ops troops!
  2. Sea Snipers Ghosts trip published on Charlie Intel
  3. Sea SnipersŪ COD Ghosts Midnight Release Signing Events
  4. Thank you to all of those involved with the Sea SnipersŪ Ghosts MRE
  5. Intel Donates $20,000 to Operation Supply Drop
  6. First Screenshot of H-Hour
  7. H-Hour Backers should receive some stuff soon
  8. Operation Supply Drop Quintuples Donations for 2014
  9. Happy Birthday Grifter!
  10. Happy Birthday Snake!
  11. Shout out for a shout out!
  12. Fort Hood
  13. Sea Snipers on Twitch TV
  14. New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gameplay E3
  15. Battlefield Hardline Beta Out Now for PC and PS4!
  16. Dawngate - For you MOBA fans out there.
  17. The Division - Sabotage's Most Anticipated
  18. Xbox one update coming next week
  19. Having trouble registering?
  20. Google Chromecast
  21. Being a Sea Sniper
  22. Reload Studios
  23. Dragon Age: Inquisition Strategy Guide
  24. In progress
  25. 2015 Site is live!
  26. Sab goes to E3 2015
  27. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 MP maps FREE!