Established in 2002, The Sea Snipers are one of the longest running, professional gaming teams in history.

Our tour began in Socom on the Playstation 2 in early 2003. We recruited the best people over the best players, which gave us a team full of the most hardworking, honest, loyal, and dedicated operators on the planet. Since then, we’ve run our own league, published 3 games worth of free maps for the community, written and illustrated 10 official strategy guides, held midnight release events at Game Stops and Best Buys, and consulted for Infinity Ward on Call of Duty MW3 and Ghosts.


Artists, musicians, writers, creators, and former military

Recruiting the right people allowed us to forge the rock-solid team that’s still waging war after 20 years.

When first building the team in 2002, we looked for good people, not good shooters. We knew it was easier to teach someone how to shoot, than to teach them how to be a good person. Our path in the industry proved we made the right decision. Our members have donated their time and money to organizations such as children’s hospitals, no-kill pet shelters, homeless shelters, and the U.S. Military overseas, shipping hundreds of items for the troops including games, movies, gear, and food, including hundreds of personal letters from the community to the troops.


Consultants, Strategy Guide Authors / Illustrators

10 Official Guides, 2 official consulting credits, over 1,000 maps illustrated, and our logo in 2 Call of Duty titles.

Writing ten official, published strategy guides for Prima Games, Brady Games and Piggyback Interactive, gave us the opportunity to consult on Call of Duty MW3 and Call of Duty Ghosts for Infinity Ward. Our name appears in the credits in both titles and Infinity Ward added our logo featured as an unlockable emblem in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3. (Complete the "I'm Rich" Challenge to unlock.) These achievements combined with over 1,000 maps illustrated for more than 25 titles give us a unique perspective on gaming and the industry.


Necessity is the mother of all invention

In the early days of team-based console shooters, competitive sites were scarce, so we created our own.

We created and ran our own competitive league for 11 years, hosting high level teams and competing as well. From Socom on the PS2, to Call of Duty on current generation consoles, we’ve edited existing games and created unique scoring systems to create a battlespace like no one else had to offer. Today we compete three times a week against the public in round-based, hardcore Search and Destroy matches in Call of Duty. Check out our YouTube, Twitter and Instagram for all the highlights!


Video games, movies, television, and comics.

With ambitions in all media, our latest venture is ******************* the launch of the ******** universe.

After years of hard work, we are proud to present **************** ******** *********** ***** ************* Part of the ***** universe, the story details a team ****** ** ********** ***** to combat ******** ************ *******. With missions taking place ** ************, this is the first time in **** history ******** ********** ********* . the team ** ********** ***** get back to work and uncover one of the biggest ***** ** *********** seen, and figure out how to deal with the ******** that are assaulting ******.